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About certification

The demand for certification has significantly increased over the last few years in Scandinavia. The origin comes from retailers that needs to ensure that they buy from reliable suppliers. The service that we provide is to enhance our client’s credibility as a reliable supplier. The ultimate delivery is a certificate and a registration showing that the client complies to a third party standard and which works as an entrance ticket to new markets and new customers. ControlCert have been a partner to many start-up companies where certification has been a cornerstone of the continual development of the company.

About us

ControlCert is a new Swedish privately owned certification body, dedicated to food, retailers and suppliers or manufacturers. ControlCert is under control of the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, SWEDAC. ControlCert was founded in the fall of 2011. We are approved by the Swedish Retailer’s Association to certify the grocery and the Swedish Seal of Quality for certification of small-scale food producers. We also have international status as an approved certification body for management systems, including the FSSC (Foundation for Food Safety Certification) for ISO / FSSC 22000. Our aim is to ControlCert be perceived as a natural choice when it comes to competent review of supermarkets and their suppliers. Great emphasis is placed on our auditors’ specialist and social skills.

Our auditors

ControlCert have auditors who speaks fluent English and good knowledge of the Scandinavian languages. Several auditors has performed audits in North America, the Middle East and much of Europe.

Henrik Thollander

Managing director, Certification officer product certification

In house accredited services

A certification body that is accredited falls under an ongoing monitoring by an accreditation body. Accreditation gives the right to use SWEDAC’s accreditation symbol on certificates and indicates that ControlCert meet the high demands on the skills and working practices that the certification process requires and we are listed on SWEDAC’s website for the following schemes:
Management system certification:
FSSC 22000, ver 3.0
ISO 22000: 2005


Product certification:
IP Food, 2014:1
Standard for food safety in Supermarkets, Issue 2, 2014

ControlCert offers certification in the following areas

ISO 22000 certification

The ISO standard for food, ISO 22000, is growing quickly and has a truly global reach. What differs this ISO standard from other food safety standards? –  there is no license fee or any special interests or specific stakeholder that affect the content of the standard. It is wiser for a small actor in the food chain, with fewer resources in house, to choose an ISO certification of its company. The trend is clearly towards ISO standards that are growing at the expense of other, private and technical standards.

The staff at ControlCert has previous experience in developing and implementing management systems for smaller companies in the food chain. ISO 22000 does not specify detailed requirements that some other standards do, resulting in large investments for a small company. Another benefit of ISO 22000 is the ability to have an external resource to support your HACCP- and management system.


ISO 22000 is based upon:
• Management system – documentation and organisation
• HACCP system with detailed hazard analysis and programmes for control points (CCP and oPRP)
• Good manufacturing practices (PRP) based on industry guidelines and legal requirements
• Resources committed to systematic work on food safety.

ISO 22000 standardisation work

ControlCert are active participants in the standardization work and the development of ISO 22000. ISO 22000 was completed in 2005 and is under revision and is planned to be finished in 2017. There are > 25,000 certified companies in the world and the number is growing by 20% per year. The standard is global and is used around the world. The standard is designed for the entire food chain – “farm to fork” and each certification body are working with certain categories.
ControlCert has translated a number of standards and guidelines in the ISO 22000 family of publications to Swedish.

FSSC 22000 certification

GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative is a food sector-driven organization that gives directions and guidance on food safety required to achieve safe food throughout the supply chain. This work is done through a partnership between the world’s leading experts in food safety from the retail, manufacturing, and international organizations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. GFSI accept standards that meet GFSI’s guidelines and FSSC 22000 is one of them.

FSSC 22000 has a fast development. FSSC and ISO originated in the industrial needs and is designed to facilitate trade between the different parties and countries. FSSC standard relies on ISO 22000 together with an additional standard (ISO / TS 22002-1) that details the prerequisite programmes at the plant.

Standard for food safety in supermarkets

Swedish standard for food safety in supermarkets was released in 2009, and revised 2014. More than 400 stores are certified. The default owner of the standard is Swedish Retailer’s Association (SvDH) formed by ICA, Axfood, Coop, Lidl and Bergendahls Food.

IP Food Certification

IP Food came in 2008 and now has its third edition in 2014. It has a dominant hold on the certification of suppliers and wholesalers in the food in Sweden, > 700 companies have been certified. At the Swedish Seal’s website you can download standard, and also see which companies are already certified.

Organic certification

EU organic certification is a chain of custody certification where the dedicated EU logo means that you can trace back raw materials of agricultural origin. In Sweden, a popular private supplementary standard, KRAV, has additional requirements on social responsibility and systematic environmental management. ControlCert auditors are approved for these audits but for strategic reasons choose to work with several partners holding the accreditation for these services in the food manufacturing, shops and restaurants.

Supplier assessments and inspections

Supplier assessment is sometimes referred to also as second party audits, which means that decisions such as the approval lies with the client and not with ControlCert. Hygiene inspections of restaurants are among others a service ControlCert have experience from and there are opportunities to discuss the design of their own checklists with us.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

BRC technical standards are included in the product certification scheme and require a full certification audit every year or more often depending on the outcome. Each audit takes about two full days. ControlCert have approved auditors and a partner holding the accreditation for this service.

ISO 9001 / 14001

ISO 9001 has a reputable reputation throughout the world for a variety of types of organizations. The standard is kind of “gold standard” which is the benchmark for many other management system standards. Today there are more than 1 million certificates to ISO 9001. ISO 14001 is a popular combination with ISO 22000 to thereby cover common customer requirements on an active environmental management. ControlCert has a partner with accreditation for these services.


ControlCert can offer a wide variety in training courses in English within the following areas: HACCP, Food Safety Management, Auditing Technique (Internal audits / Supplier assessment) and also basic training or orientation in FSSC / ISO 22000 and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

The rune stone – our logo

Runic visible on the stone in a loop is an alphabet used since the Viking Age in Scandinavia. We designed our own stone and has written “ControlCert Scandinavia” and also a tag line “ridar fudir”. This is an expression from the ancient nordic language and means “right food”.

ControlCert Scandinavia AB

P. O. Box 12, SE-614 21 Söderköping

Phone office +46 121-100 02

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